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Recovering People Pleasers (London) meet-up - women only

  • Please contact me for details. (map)

Come along and meet with other brave women starting or already on the journey of giving up people pleasing for a much more real, fulfilling life. This group is for you if:
- you always put others needs before your own
- you find it hard to say ‘No’
- you get taken advantage of
- you avoid confrontation and arguments
- you feel like what you do is ‘never enough’

This group will provide a safe, confidential space for us to share our struggles and our ideas on breaking old habits and creating new ones, so that we can:
- stand in our personal power
- learn how to get our needs met
- be ourselves without hiding parts
- express our femininity with confidence
- enjoy our sexuality
- communicate our feelings
- develop rewarding relationships

Each meet-up we can learn something new and develop the courage to try new behaviours and get into better habits. It is up to you what, if anything, you share. By listening to others you will unblock your own life events and feelings and realise you are not alone, key to Recovering. Some meetings will be mainly for us to share, others we will focus on a topic for discussion.

£10 cash on arrival.

I look forward to meeting you. If you are at all nervous or have any questions, please contact me.