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Online ZOOM Recovering People Pleasers meet-up (women only)

Sign up I will send you the log-in details for the online meet-up.
We will be using a free app called Zoom. It is like Skype, but better. You will need to download the app, but you don’t need to register with Zoom to join a Zoom meeting you have been invited to.

When you join the meeting, you will automatically join muted and without your camera switched on. Please enable audio when you join the meeting. If you are happy to enable your camera too, great, we will love to see you, but no pressure.

For the first one, we will do some introductions, but you don’t need to tell us about your situation if you don’t want to. We will touch on the guidelines for these meet-ups, so if you haven’t read them yet, please do so.

The meetings will generally follow one of two paths – someone shares their story with the group, or we have a topic discussion.

By talking and listening to others who really understand, it is powerful in accepting where you are at now in your own life, which then opens up the possibility of change.