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The users, abusers, toxic and no-good ones? You wish you didn’t fall for the bad guys and you wish you could stand up for yourself more. But it is as if your brain has been hardwired for you to be attracted to the wrong guys and always say ‘Yes’ to them.

I know what the problem is. You think that if you had a better guy ‘radar’ you could avoid men who will not treat you right. If you could change your personality and get more confidence you wouldn’t say ‘Yes’ all the time.

But here’s the truth. You and the bad guys are magnets both to each others gifts and issues. You have unconscious beliefs that keep you going back to them and blocking you from getting what you want!

You don’t need to go searching for new tools and tactics to gain confidence and you don’t need a personality change. You just need to become aware of these unconscious beliefs and relationship patterns and do the work on breaking them. You need to turn your caring attention that you give to everyone else, inwards, towards yourself. As you develop a loving relationship with yourself and develop new patterns of thinking, you will naturally stand up for yourself, develop healthy boundaries and attract much healthier men into your life.

Like all my clients, you are a sensitive, caring, fun-loving soul who just wants a man who is loving, respectful, non-toxic and will make you feel truly loved.

Once you develop an amazing relationship with yourself and choose new patterns, you will have the love and confidence you need within yourself and you will attract men who are good for you.

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