Here are what some of my clients say about my coaching:

When I approached Helen I wasn’t sure what she could do for me. I had no idea what a life coach was or did, let alone what it would involve. Being at a crossroads in my career, feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. I could either keep pushing this boulder up a very steep mountain or I could get some help.

Helen was amazing! She give me a safe place, where I could talk honestly without having to worry about hurting people’s feelings. By verbalising my inner thoughts and feelings, not only was I able to understand things that had happened in the past. I was also able to let the past go, and move forward with a more honest outlook. Thank you Helen I miss you already! xx
— Joy, Surrey
I came to Helen for coaching at a time I was feeling stressed and very stuck in my life. I knew I wanted to make shifts but didn’t want to rely on friends and family to help with decisions I was trying to make. Helen really provided the keen listening and questioning that helped me see perspective and start agreeing on steps to moving forward.

I have had 5 sessions so far and since then I have moved house, got a new part-time job and feel more positive about my future. Coaching really is a valuable resource that I will need throughout my life when I need to gain clarity and set goals. Loved the fact I could do it over Skype.

Really appreciate your help, Helen. Thank you.
— Vennetta, London
I was feeling overwhlemed with responsibilities, had lost joy and felt my life was out of my control.

Through Helen’s coaching I learnt to look after myself, started delegating and have discovered my inner peace to successully navigate a stressful transition time of both moving house with the family and starting a new job. Thank you Helen.
— Sheila, CEO, Surrey
When I started with Helen I was questionning my marriage which lacked intimacy and our interests were diverging rapidly. I didn’t want to make a decision I might regret.

Helen helped me identify my life goals and re-discover what brings joy into my life. I learnt to live in the present and I now know that by putting myself first I will have a happy and fulfilling life with or without a relationship.
— Dee, Teacher, London
Being coached by Helen had great impact in a very challenging period of my life. Helen’s patience, kindness, professionalism and presence during our sessions gave me space and time to think loudly and find solutions that made my every day life easier and more relaxed.

Helen is an amazing coach with very positive attitude and enthusiasm for her coachee. I highly recommend her and I am definitely eager to be coached by Helen again in the future!
— Maria, France
I was feeling confused and stuck before the coaching. I had been in the same job for years and felt underappreciated. My energy and skills were depleting before my eyes.

Helen’s coaching helped me find clarity in work I wanted to do and how to make it happen. I found my ideal job and can honestly say if it wasn’t for Helen’s coaching I would still be stuck and miserable in my old job. I hope to work with Helen again in the future.
— Mark, Project Manager, London