Our abilities and People-pleasing vs Authentic Self

At last night’s meet-up of Recovering People Pleasers we had a fascinating discussion on the topic of What I Like Best About Myself and What I like Least.

One thing I like best about myself is that I am an excellent listener. I got to thinking about how things show up when we are people-pleasing and when we are not.

I realised when I was people-pleasing, I used this ability to listen really well to hide away. People would come to visit our home and I would cook (hiding away), join them for the meal and ask them questions to keep them talking. I have always been interested in other people and their stories, but it was oh so useful in keeping the attention away from me.

I found that people liked talking about themselves. I convinced myself that they would much rather do that than hear from me. I did that confirmation bias thing whereby even if they did ask me what was going on in my world I would give a short answer, ask them a question and hey presto – the conversation hot potato was back with them and I took that as confirmation that they didn’t really want to listen to me in the first place. Doh.

I could have just merged into the furniture. I didn’t want to be seen. I felt uncomfortable if the attention was turned on me.

Through my journey of re-discovering ‘me’ and discovering my awesomeness (if that’s not a word it should be) I can bear attention in a way I couldn’t before.

But back to the listening. Now I use listening to just listen.

I don’t use it to hide away. I do still struggle when with a group of people if I am talking about myself. I have to remind myself that even if it feels scary I can still do it.  I’m not perfect and that’s ok.

How do your abilities show up in people-pleasing mode or when you are being the authentic You?


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